With all the MMR boosting Bans here is a funny story for you

So one day, I decided I was going to buy a League of Legends account online( yes I know it's against policies) but I did it anyways. Turns out the account I bought the guy was sending a keylogger while selling it to you and would just retake his account and re sell it. A very popular scam indeed but I didn't fret because I just had my bank look at my prestine credit card records and they just gave me a chargeback. Too bad for the scammer I decided this wasn't enough punishment for the scammer who immediately blocked me off Skype thinking he was clever (silly little child I will always get my money) even though I warned him I submitted a request with all the chat logs and even showed I played a game on the account and knew the old password and had it under my email even at one point. I had all the necessary proof to ban the account that was being sold and resold and resold. Paypal told me they banned that players account and gave me my money back after a 30 day long extensive search that found he was being flagged for scamming - How very businesslike and professional of Paypal support. Riot however did nothing. Nothing was done, after reading all the false MMR boosting claims I went and looked and found that the account I once bought and played on is still being played on today, and that guy is still scamming kids lol I find this pretty funny and ironic that Riot is punishing players so harshly for wanting to be good at the game and escaping elo hell rightfully so However if you are buying and selling accounts and you rat someone out they literally do nothing for you and that person is not just cheating but is a legitimate THEIF that is condemn by every other company who I'm very grateful for my bank and Paypal support except Riot who is the only big name company that let the kid go to scam again. *FOLLOW UP* Magically within 5 hours of this post coming to life and getting upvotes(I really thought it would be downvoted to shit) and after 2 months of no punishment to that account. The account **no longer exists**. Now I know you guys wouldn't get to know what account it was anyways but this is _eerily weird_ as the account was active **TODAY **before I wrote this post Also the submitted tickets was not even posted on this account or email so I'm not sure what happened, coincidence or not. I'm confused to say the least maybe he changed his account name after reading this? I don't know.
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