Bann system too strict

So, you are telling me that if someone flame me in a game i should mute and do nothing? You telling me that if i am with trolls that even flame me i shouldn't afk cuz the game is lost? So you are telling me that all the honor i receive are not worth 1 report i receive? This is my 4 account u bann riot X,D and yes i am toxic ofc i know but i just react to the type of community u have, since is a shit community idk why the hell you use the bann system; this is almost the only game where u can be banned (and let's be honest it is just so we create more accounts, since you don't give a shit about it) for just going afk or speak X,D (even when u don't even say something outrageous but just some advice on doing something better). If your community is trash then get away the report system, you know why? This is a competitive game and yes, even if flame and stuff are not good, this is what competitive games are about and i am quite sure ppl will just stop playn this shit since is a coing flip, no secure fun, but secure report (so no fun at all since u need to create a new acc and play till lv 30 to do some shit). The only game where u get banned for talking X,D i can understand afk (even if sometimes is better to afk then to waste almost 1 hour of your life trapped in a game with trolls and flamers) but the talk XD you want the game to "improve" ? Answer : it will never improve, flamers and trashppl are here and always will be and you know what ? I am used to it like all ppl should be (this is why report system is usless af) Report every little shit ppl say and do riot and then you will end up alone with no ppl playn this shit more ^^
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