Is it bannable to try to get a 5-man queue pop in Solo/Duo?

I have a bunch of friends all around roughly the same rank (Diamond 3), and say we were to all queue up in different positions, hoping to get all 5 on the same team, by looking at the estimated queue times (it's not perfect, but it's a decent indicator if we'll be in the same game or not). There are few enough people in Diamond that we occasionally get 3 or 4-man queues to work, and as I'm writing this 4 of my friends are in a ranked game together. Is this an offense, and is this punishable? We're not really breaking any rules (that we're aware of), we're simply using all the tools that are provided to us to get a competitive edge, which anyone is capable of doing. Thanks! (The funny part is that they're using the same club tag, so the enemy team sees they're a premade)
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