I was permanently banned after one game of toxicity. Is this possible?

Hey guys. FIrst board post hope this goes well. Like the title says i was perma banned after one game of toxicity with no previous chat bans or in game suspensions. Does anybody else have this experience? What i did and said that game was 100% wrong and you can read my support ticket with the chat logs of my ban below. I just feel like it's unjustified to PERMA ban somebody with no previous records. to be honest it's my first ban of any type (not counting afk bans). So i was really surprised. Sucks to lose all the thousands of hours put into this game. oh yeah last thing. This is seriously like my first toxic game. Sure other games i've question marked spammed somebody for making a dumb play but never this toxic. if i get unbanned i guess i won't type again cheers. Support ticket: Dec 18, 4:34 AM PST Hello, Riot support. I was recently permanently banned. After One game of toxicity. (I will post the chat logs below.) I am aware. I was very toxic that game and treated my teammates and my friends unfairly. However, i was permanently banned without any previous suspensions or chat bans. I would like to know if this is possible. However, the teammate i was flaming the most, and i assume is why i was banned is on my friends list and we play together and talk on discord all the time Here's his account Laithsin. You can also see we have a lot of duo games. As to give an excuse for why i was so toxic that one game. the Singed my friend. Role stealed my lane. So i was forced to play a weird duo support lane. Which is why i was flaming him in chat. Unexcusable I was also flaming other teammates i apologise for that. it was uncalled for and unfair of me to act on emotions i had from outside and vent my anger into the game. this mistake will never happen again. Thank you for reading, Yousufaws2 Game 1 YOUSUFaws2: wat YOUSUFaws2: this guy YOUSUFaws2: is a fucking trol YOUSUFaws2: omfg YOUSUFaws2: fuck this dumb %%%% YOUSUFaws2: i wanted to try tank karma YOUSUFaws2: this fucking moron YOUSUFaws2: is he stupid YOUSUFaws2: ok YOUSUFaws2: im inting YOUSUFaws2: not playing this shit YOUSUFaws2: dumb lux YOUSUFaws2: moron top laner YOUSUFaws2: im serious YOUSUFaws2: top and supp are inting YOUSUFaws2: its lost YOUSUFaws2: singed troll YOUSUFaws2: he was bot picked singed roll steal YOUSUFaws2: fcking %%%% YOUSUFaws2: why is this lux YOUSUFaws2: who goes top at ,inute 2 YOUSUFaws2: pinging me YOUSUFaws2: go fucking off yourself monkey YOUSUFaws2: ure the moron YOUSUFaws2: that ints level 1 YOUSUFaws2: like jow YOUSUFaws2: youre probably some silver trash YOUSUFaws2: bronze? YOUSUFaws2: U HAVE TO OPEN D GATES YOUSUFaws2: IM DOING IT YOUSUFaws2: this fucking dunkey YOUSUFaws2: laith kys YOUSUFaws2: ur actually retarded YOUSUFaws2: i wanna ennjoy my gaem YOUSUFaws2: then this donkey singed YOUSUFaws2: and this lux YOUSUFaws2: but not lux? YOUSUFaws2: lol YOUSUFaws2: dude YOUSUFaws2: nothing YOUSUFaws2: IM NOT PLAYING THIS GAME YOUSUFaws2: WITH FEEDERS YOUSUFaws2: I WILL END IT QUICKLY YOUSUFaws2: I AM NOT TOXIC YOUSUFaws2: THIS IS THE BEST SOLUTION YOUSUFaws2: TO END THIS GAME YOUSUFaws2: dude YOUSUFaws2: youre trolling as well YOUSUFaws2: why would i try to carry YOUSUFaws2: 2 trolls YOUSUFaws2: yes YOUSUFaws2: thats the goal YOUSUFaws2: lmao YOUSUFaws2: lemme openup YOUSUFaws2: the gg YOUSUFaws2: and see ur rank YOUSUFaws2: naniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii YOUSUFaws2: this guy YOUSUFaws2: is plat 2 YOUSUFaws2: lmfao YOUSUFaws2: plat 2 this bad YOUSUFaws2: ok lets go YOUSUFaws2: plat 5 lol YOUSUFaws2: lmfao YOUSUFaws2: lmao dude YOUSUFaws2: how can u judge my ability YOUSUFaws2: when im trolling YOUSUFaws2: and u gave first blood YOUSUFaws2: nice brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn YOUSUFaws2: hey YOUSUFaws2: you have no right to talk YOUSUFaws2: kus YOUSUFaws2: lmao YOUSUFaws2: ok dude YOUSUFaws2: youre right YOUSUFaws2: WAITTT YOUSUFaws2: WTF YOUSUFaws2: HOW ARE YOU CALLING ME AHRDSTUCK YOUSUFaws2: LMFAO YOUSUFaws2: YOU STARTED LAST YEAR YOUSUFaws2: PLAT 2 YOUSUFaws2: OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YOUSUFaws2: GG YOUSUFaws2: IM DONE YOUSUFaws2: lmfaooo YOUSUFaws2: i boosted him YOUSUFaws2: true YOUSUFaws2: im 10 YOUSUFaws2: waitt YOUSUFaws2: dude seripusly YOUSUFaws2: serious question YOUSUFaws2: i swear serious YOUSUFaws2: how are you plat 2 for one year? YOUSUFaws2: serious question YOUSUFaws2: do you nit play? YOUSUFaws2: or u just bad YOUSUFaws2: seriously dude YOUSUFaws2: if youre plat 2 YOUSUFaws2: since last year december YOUSUFaws2: then how YOUSUFaws2: 12 months in plat 2 YOUSUFaws2: likeeeeeee YOUSUFaws2: this is worse than the rammus YOUSUFaws2: he climbed from bronze 1 to gold5 YOUSUFaws2: but still YOUSUFaws2: idont understand YOUSUFaws2: never surrender YOUSUFaws2: šŸ˜— YOUSUFaws2: so YOUSUFaws2: ff? YOUSUFaws2: waitttt YOUSUFaws2: l YOUSUFaws2: who said no YOUSUFaws2: lmfao YOUSUFaws2: laith u cyka blyat YOUSUFaws2: u said no? YOUSUFaws2: wombo u cyka YOUSUFaws2: no? YOUSUFaws2: HELL YEAH YOUSUFaws2: littt YOUSUFaws2: wait YOUSUFaws2: whyu cant u guys end YOUSUFaws2: ez YOUSUFaws2: insane mechanics YOUSUFaws2: dankkkkkkkkkk YOUSUFaws2: HOLY MOLY YOUSUFaws2: THIS GUY YOUSUFaws2: PLAYED 600 GAMES YOUSUFaws2: AND HES STILL PLAT 2 YOUSUFaws2: IM DONE YOUSUFaws2: IM DONE YOUSUFaws2: stfu YOUSUFaws2: lmfao YOUSUFaws2: dont let this hardstuck gold 5 rammus tell you YOUSUFaws2: lux YOUSUFaws2: im being serious now YOUSUFaws2: reevalute yoursefl YOUSUFaws2: and the time you put into the game YOUSUFaws2: if you havent climbed for 12 months YOUSUFaws2: at 600 games YOUSUFaws2: hellyeah YOUSUFaws2: ill buy a randuins YOUSUFaws2: are you guys serious YOUSUFaws2: GO AP YOUSUFaws2: GO AP YOUSUFaws2: come discord YOUSUFaws2: NIOOOO YOUSUFaws2: I RESET MY GOLD YOUSUFaws2: NOOOOOOOOO YOUSUFaws2: i give u e YOUSUFaws2: i need mana YOUSUFaws2: then honesltty YOUSUFaws2: ill never do tjhis again YOUSUFaws2: laith in disicrd YOUSUFaws2: DUDE IM CARRYING THIS GMAE WTF YOUSUFaws2: we lost YOUSUFaws2: wombo u dunk YOUSUFaws2: i told u baron YOUSUFaws2: you are bot YOUSUFaws2: when i tell you drag YOUSUFaws2: you are top YOUSUFaws2: CLASSIC YOUSUFaws2: fck off lmao YOUSUFaws2: gold 5 YOUSUFaws2: dude YOUSUFaws2: can u believe YOUSUFaws2: this guy YOUSUFaws2: has been YOUSUFaws2: 0 lp YOUSUFaws2: for 2 months YOUSUFaws2: yes senpai YOUSUFaws2: wombo YOUSUFaws2: u going ot the dark side YOUSUFaws2: fbm YOUSUFaws2: wait YOUSUFaws2: if we win this game YOUSUFaws2: i will never troll again YOUSUFaws2: and you guys are so bad YOUSUFaws2: what elo is this YOUSUFaws2: ??? YOUSUFaws2: you guys YOUSUFaws2: are acutally bad YOUSUFaws2: im sorry YOUSUFaws2: wombo YOUSUFaws2: come YOUSUFaws2: gg ez
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