I love waking up to a perma ban, don't you?

(Moved here cus deleted for being in the 'wrong topic' (yeahright)) So after an hour of trying to figure out why LoL wasn't launching, cus it was a virus or something, I find out my main account is perma banned for 'using 3rd party programs'. You know, not telling me WHICH program got me banned, (which should be none of them by the way, not a single one I use gives me an advantage, as they're all cosmetic) , just being as vague as possible and taking away the account I've spent the most on. Opened a ticket asking for a human response, but I guarantee that I'm gonna get an automated one. If you weren't so damn vague, I wouldn't be so upset by this. Obviously perma bans are handed out by humans, but just because they work at Riot and I'm not a popular streamer, they are 100% entitled to their ban and I'm left in the dust, right? I've never passed gold in any season but I got carried by a few teams for my placements, so I must be hacking! I wasn't even aware until I searched it up not 5 minutes ago that hacks even existed for LoL. So, if you banned my main account that I've barely touched over the past few days, why didn't you ban my smurf? [You know, the one I play on with THE EXACT SAME PROGRAMS?](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=meen) Oh man, those scores are definitely hacked! He's in silver!? No doubt! Better ban that one too! Seriously though, this has to be an error or something. Go on the EUW boards and you'll see threads talking about the exact same thing. As I said in my ticket, if I can't get my main account back, at least transfer the skins to my smurf, the skins I got for being a dedicated fan and customer, like the PAX skins and most, if not all, of the legacy skins. They've taken YEARS of work and, more importantly to Riot, money to obtain. I'm not prepared to spend that amount again. How many more sacrifices will it take for Riot to man up and admit they're banning innocent players? Why not give ME EVIDENCE that you've used to ban my account? So you can cover up your mistakes right? Because you're Riot; you never make a mistake. 'nuff said. I'll reply when I got an automated response on my ticket. TLDR; Falsely banned for '3rd party programs' without any evidence given. Most likely have little to no defense since I'm not a streamer. Probably gonna speak with my wallet. EDIT: Thanks for tolerating my rather sarcastic post. You people have been quite a bit more helpful that I would've expected. Hopefully I can get this sorted out.
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