Trying to convince my friend that Xayah and Graves Mid doesn't work

So, I've been playing League since 2017, and a good friend of mine and I started playing this year. Only one bad thing: she mains Caitlyn Mid but also plays Xayah exclusively on mid and usually goes 0/10/2 or something along those lines. She recently said she'd be picking up Graves and trying him mid, to which I said that Graves literally cannot work mid with champions like Zed and Zoe shredding Graves easily. I would like some help or at least tell me what I should tell her to get her to play the characters where they are meant to go. I humbly apologize if this is the wrong place to put this advice, for this is my first time on the Boards. {{champion:104}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:51}}
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