Why was I given a low priority queue?

I legit reconnected to the game 2 minutes in after being stuck on loading screen; joined the game, everyone was on level 1, some level 2. Getting no warning from league buster or any indications of any sort... playing the game for a WHOLE 31 minutes (31 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact) as NORMAL then after game ended BOOM, "Due to abandoning or AFKing in your game you've been placed under low priority queue...blah blah blah"at the end game lobby screen; just to sum it up... and I was given the tag of "LEAVER" even tho I i reached 2 mins late and played the WHOLE GAME...not like if i was AFK'ed all game or something like that... its obvious that the system is broken, like fix Leave Buster or just fix the whole game... could say that the "Being stuck on Loading screen" is a bug, but can't say I got this punishment because of this ONE BUG. Like I did nothing wrong, not like if it was my intention or anything... please fix the game
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