People in this game are so hateful

Seriously. I'm goofing around in normals playing fill. I get ADC. I play vs a Jinx. Next game, I face the same Jinx, again somehow I get ADC again. So I ask if he's learning Jinx, cause he picked her 2 games in a row in normals. I even said I just filled, cant believe I got ADC again. His response? "You suck." "I stomped you last time gonna do it again" Im like dude, I just asked a simple question. So of course we lose, cause its a 4 man vs just randoms, and he proceeds to tell me how terrible I am at the game in post-game chat for 5 minutes. Even after I explain again, I was just asking a question. I dunno, kinda pissed me off. Its normals, I was just randomly picking stuff, trying to make conversation at 3am, and some guy literally cant WAIT to tell me how good he is and how bad I am for no reason.
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