Whats the purpose to try anymore. I feel like i try my hardest every game but if one person messes up its impossible to win. Im not even mad anymore im just depressed. Im so sick of trying because if i don't try i get reported for inting but people can literally int and when you call them out they get tilted. There is really no reason to try anymore in league. As long as you don't type in chat you can just run it down and build full ad crit Annie every game. Whats the purpose for climbing? to say your rank is higher than average? because lets face it. you are either challenger or your not. The other ranks literally mean nothing besides maybe gold because you get the skin at the end of the season, But whats the point in trying to get to gold in 10 games, 40 games, 300 games? why? why should you try? to get a skin? to think your better than other people? there is literally no point, just like there is no point in life. you just try your hardest still get shit on then ya die? so why do you play? im genuinely curious as to how people can stay so motivated to play a game that brings nothing but frustration a good 50 percent of the time? why when you could just play something else and have a good time for the majority of playing it not just 50 percent. Is it because you are addicted? because you spent money on the game? I really can not tell why i even bother playing anymore. I just know it makes me want to kill myself. Which is ridiculous considering its a game, But i can draw comparisons to real life and it just makes me want to shoot my brains out. Why?
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