Banned for Changing ISPS

Just wanted to warn everyone for the future, to hopefully help people and to raise awareness how terrible/corrupt Riot is (if you don't already know). I changed ISPS from Comcast to Verizon and the next day my account was suspended for "suspicious activity". Riot gave me a list of ridiculous questions I have to answer, and some basic questions to answer however I didn't feel like jumping through hoops to recover my account that was suspended for nothing. I have had nothing but awful experiences with this game, so I really don't care enough to bother trying to remember all the information they need me to provide to get my account back. I really don't think I should have to jump through hoops, just to get the "privilege" of playing with feeders and toxic people 90% of my games. I'm disgusted that the vast majority of the people who run around and feed in my games don't get punished, but when I nicely ask them to not feed and to farm I get chat restricted or banned...or when I change ISPS I get punished. Really not worth playing a game that the developers constantly break, just to sell skins. Really not fun playing a game in which you're not allowed to use the text feature without being punished because everyone is scared of criticism. Really not worth the time to play a game that almost always isn't fun with almost exclusively assholes that can't even be bothered to learn how to click minions or improve at all. Never played a "competitive" game where you get punished for using text...which can be muted...while your teammates actively RUIN the game for you by feeding and refusing to cooperate and receive no punishment because the bot can't tell if they're feeding or just bad. So you're allowed to actively ruin my game by being unskilled or inting and I have absolutely no control over that...but I can't say words to you that you can mute and never have to see? Seems legit, teach an entire generation that if anyone ever criticizes them...just report it and ignore it because you're never in the wrong...anyone that says anything you disagree with is wrong and they need to be punished! You're allowed to actively ruin games for people, as long as you're having fun because you're the only person that matters in this game with 9 other people in it! Oh you died 9x in lane because you overextended numerous times? It's not your fault, it's the supports fault that you died many many times across the entire map and you shouldn't adjust your play style or learn how to ward or anything, just harass your teammates and never improve! Success, now you have a region full of players unwilling to learn because they think they already know everything and who can't be criticized, and a region full of snowflakes who are scared of text but at the same exact time...think it's ok to harass other people. I am a very private person in general, and knowing how creepy and psychotic League players tend to be, I keep that in mind when creating ANY video game account but especially for League, so I usually don't use my real name, birthday, etc. and I use a VPN so my location always changes. Chances are, I wouldn't have even been able to answer all of their basic questions correctly let alone the ones like, "what was the newest skin or champ released when you started playing?" I have lost many accounts in many different games yet had no problem recovering them, even though I make all my accounts with privacy in mind. However, most companies I have dealt with aren't quite so corrupt, money hungry and actually care about their player base... When creating my League of Legends account, nothing was ever stated along the lines of "In the event we choose to ban your account for anything we choose, you need to have records of this, this, this, this and this to recover it." Had I been informed I needed to keep all this information, I would have kept record of it but I wasn't made aware I would ever need it =(. So the point of this is to warn players that might not know how terrible/corrupt Riot is, and to inform them what information you/they should have on record, in the event Riot chooses to suspend your account for nothing as well. Here is the link for the email Riot sent, so you can see what to keep record of. Good luck and hopefully Riot doesn't ban your account... to protect you.
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