Just an apology

Not asking for an unban, just a sincere apology to anyone I made fun of, offended, etc, etc. Holy looking at my last game its quite obvious how toxic I used to be. It was really bad, I told multiple players to "kys" and flamed as well. I eventually found myself being much less toxic after I stopped playing video games such as league, overwatch, etc. and it is appalling how toxic I used to be. I can't imagine how I must'ave made other players feel after a game with me and that I had the audacity to say such negative things. But I needed to say this after accessing my account after for a few months. Honestly this ban was a blessing because I can only assume I have become a much less negative person and player and I can only blame myself for my ban. Just needed to get this off my chest as I feel like a major dick and finding myself losing sleep because of it. Later. (BTW if the discussion I posted this in is inappropriate let me know) {{champion:223}}
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