Players that dont leave the base until 20s in ranked games should be punished losing League Points

We are sick of teammates AFK for several seconds, some times even minutes, at the game beginning of ranked matches! That causes a lot of problems and make it more difficult for players that want to play it right to climb. 1 - Usually we can not invade with 2 - 3 players AFK or late. 2 - Many times, we get invaded by the full enemy team and have to use summons to protect our jungle and stay alive. 3 - Easy gank for the enemy team, once we had to use the summons, and then snowball. Of course, they always have a GOOD reason for that. "I had to pee!" "I was pooping!!" "I had to go grab some food/drink" "Sorry, I was on INSTAGRAM" !!!!! Several situations like that cost us the game! It is like starting a game in a losing position because your teammate joined a ranked match and went to do something else. It is a total disrespect with players that are trying to climb! Riot MUST PUNISH ANY player who goes to a ranked game and takes more than 20 seconds to leave the base. The only exception should be if the player could not connect, even though, if that happens more than once or twice a day, there should be a punishment too, fix your computer before joining ranked games!!! Give the AFK / Late players -5 LP at the end of the match, and let them know that was the reason. Like, you won, "+20 LP" for the victory and lost - 5 LP for early game AFK (gets only 15 LP). Or, you lost "20 LP" for the loss and another extra 5 LP for being AFK early game (loses 25 LP).

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