Riot Games support sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Riot f**ck you and your sh**ty support you ahve worst support in world your support sucks so hard and feedback here is why: Game 1 Pre-Game Stevanovic23: jg Stevanovic23: jg Stevanovic23: jg Stevanovic23: jg Stevanovic23: ii am jg Stevanovic23: i am jg Stevanovic23: Stevanovic23 joined the lobby BloodlineT88 joined the lobby Stevanovic23 KYS~™ : jg Stevanovic23 KYS~™ : jg Stevanovic23 KYS~™ : jg Stevanovic23 KYS~™ : jg Killer4EveRx7 joined the lobby osayd joi In-Game Stevanovic23: help red pls Stevanovic23: toxic mute(enemy was toxic) Stevanovic23: lee lethality op Stevanovic23: i called Stevanovic23: jg Stevanovic23: k Stevanovic23: anyway bot sucks adn dont helped me red(bot didnt help me and my adc kalista says worst jg and sup too) Stevanovic23: happy? Stevanovic23: says kalista Stevanovic23: sry 1/5 Stevanovic23: ye blame jg Stevanovic23: typical Stevanovic23: cry me a river baby(she flamed me) Stevanovic23: they have lvl 7 champs how sad XDD(thats not flame i type in our chat not all and they are tryharding mains thats just my opinion) Stevanovic23: gg lvl 7 mains WORST GAME SUPPORT EVER I AM GOING TO BUY CS GO AND OVERWATCH FUK RIOT HAMES BCS OF THIS I GOT 14 DAYS SUSPENSION JUTS FOR WHAT PLS RIOT TELL ME

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