I'm done playing League of Legends

To steal a quote from one of my favorite League players ever, I'm done playing League of Legends. TL;DR This game made me into an asshole because being mean was more fun than playing the game. I don't want to be an asshole so I'm just not going to play. Now, before you get out the pitchforks, this is not the typical rant about the balance team, or lack thereof amirite. No, this decision is being made for a lot or reasons honestly and while I will get into a few of them here, the main reason is that I do not like who I am when I play this game. It is just bad for me. I have been playing this game for years now, preseason 5 not as long as a lot of you, but long enough to feel like I'm allowed an opinion of the game. There have been countless posts lately about how Riot ruined the game with X or Y, and while most of them have some essence of truth, I don't need to talk about those things. I would rather talk about the community as a whole, and what kind of people are playing this game. There are a lot of memes about salt in League and it is truly an understatement. I know there a lot of quiet and kind players here, but the somewhat "vocal minority" are worth discussing. You probably already know who I'm talking about: the toxic flamespraying asshole that is gonna cost you some LP. I'm not even talking about people on the enemy team trying to tilt you in /all chat. Fuck these people too by the way, but I'm talking about your own god damn teammates. The ones that are instantly in your shit over any mistake. I know these people, for I could be their King. I wasn't always like this. When I started playing, I would commend every half decent play someone made, even if it was someone on the other team. I was so wowed by the mechanics of a new game that I didn't care that I was losing. But I am no longer in awe of this game, nor do I ever feel impressed with an outplay. Nearly every mistake I make, is made when I think "This will probably get me killed but.." And god fucking forbid a teammate fall into a trap that I saw coming. Maybe I danger pinged them 6 times first, and they still died- it is on. Years ago, I might have said something naive like "you'll get em next time!" But now I know better. I know they won't get em next time. On good days, I just /mute all and play it out, hoping for the best. But lately, more and more, I just have to say something. Something to let this fucking idiot know exactly how stupid he is for doing whatever he did wrong. We all know this doesn't help anything, but it doesn't stop me from relentlessly vomiting out generic, shitty, childish insults. And you can bet, next game when I make the exact same mistake and get killed, someone just like me is gonna flamespray, and it just goes on and on. And on. I wasn't always like this. I used to just play this fun new game with friends from work after a long day. I used to decompress and relax. Today, having played what will be my last game, I got so angry that I started screaming. It occurred to me, that as a grown man, I let some truly meaningless game affect me a pretty serious way. You might say " well how could you get worked up over a video game, don't you realize how dumb that is?" And to that I say yes! I do realize that I'm an adult and should act like it. But there is something so wrong with this game, that it brings out this behavior in so many other adults that I think it is time someone addressed it. I thought about why, and came up with a lot of the arguments we see from our favorite streamers these days. The game just isn't fun anymore. There are so many problems with balance and champion design that every loss just feels like it was over in champ select when your mid didn't bad "insert whatever champion here", and went 0/4. But losing a game like that is nowhere near as frustrating as a throw caused when players are flaming each other so hard that one of them decides, " I would rather lose than let my shitty teammate win" and then its over. Trust me, I have been on both sides of that sort of flame. I have done that and much worse. I did it yesterday when someone was really making my placements hard to win. And for the first time in years of playing, I got a punishment. A lousy 10 game chat restriction. Then it occurred to me. That is why this game is so toxic. No one ever gets punished for their bullshit. In all honesty, I probably should have been banned last season. At least for 2 weeks. Last season, if my adc said one criticism to me, the support god that carried them in the lane, I would instant feed. I didn't care at all about winning after that. And this season, it started out even worse, and I only got a chat ban because I called my team "actuyal braindead human garbage" about 10 times. That is the problem. Players acting like that day in and out for years have turned me into one of them. I'm not saying it was ok that I started acting that way, but I am saying it probably wouldn't have happened if they didn't exist in the first place. They exist because as long as they never flag the system with key words they will never really get caught. But they SHOULD. In every game I play, there is at least one other toxic player, sometimes more. Even when I try to be on my best behavior, and never type anything negative, there are still 2 teammates just fucking raging at each other. Meanwhile, the jinx and I that are stupidly fed just want to group and win, but they both refuse. The 12/1 jinx can't carry hard enough with just me and we lose a perfectly winnable game. They are having so little fun playing this game that they would rather flame than win. The punishment system needs a dramatic overhaul. I get that players can have a bad game, and be a little rude in chat. I understand malphite players feeling like shit playing that champ, and talking it out on the jungle. But the constant griefing that is going on in this game is the problem, along with the community that accepts is. The enemy team never reports inting because they just got a free win, and even if your teammates do, they system can ignore a flag as long as they are not 0/10 with only boots, or some other wildness. The real toxic throws are hard to detect, but they are so frustrating that I can't play this game anymore. It makes me into a worse of a person. I used to have fun, but now I end a game mad that I even played. There are so many great games out there that just thrill and captivate the audience that it no longer makes sense to beat my head against the wall of league. The game is broken, the players are broken, and I feel so free to finally be done with it.
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