This Experience Convinced Me the New Honor System Doesn't Work

TL;DR Chat log at the bottom. Player since season 1. Have earned several "honor banners" in past seasons. This season have received tons of honor from teammates and am basicly never "the salty guy" on the team. Responded with a mild amount of salt in one single game I was being hardcore flamed in. Had all honor for the whole season wiped out and received punishment. I think that the chat log clearly shows this was unwarranted and the punishment much more severe than the behavior. Losing all honor for one game of responding with a bit of salt to flame makes me believe the current system does not motivate players to behave well. FULL STORY: I'm a player from way back before season 1 who has loved LoL for quite a while. I gave it up early last season because I was frustrated with incredibly toxic people telling kids to go kill themselves for building something off meta. The new honor system, and a good dose of nostalgia brought me back. I was excited to level up in the new honor system and earn the rewards that came with it. I don't know how many games I played this season, but I would say it was a average number (below average compared to earlier seasons for me). In those games I received 'honor' from my teammates roughly 40% of the time. I have earned honor banners in past seasons and, while I'm no saint, this season more than any other for me personally, when the team was falling apart and the flames were rising I was the guy saying "It's cool, we got this. No worries man we're good." or "Hey, there's no need to be nasty we all make mistakes." etc. This past week was rough for a few IRL reasons and I decided to unwind with a game. In that game our bot lane was getting wrecked bad. Additionally I was getting invaded (playing jungle) over and over and couldn't get a response to pings for help. I just kept on after it anyway until the bot lane (way behind at this point) started flaming me and blaming me hard. Initially the mid (LB) told them it was their fault. Then I pointed out (unwisely I admit) that it was probably his fault too because he wouldn't help with the invasions (he was less than a camp away and just ignored my pings). Things predictably went down hill from there with the entire team piling the flame on me, blaming me for everything. I could have responded better there's no doubt (chat log below), but I never once 1) Swore or used inappropriate langue. 2) Personally attacked another player. 3) Went AFK or stopped trying to do my best to help the team win. Indeed, as the chat log shows, throughout the rest of the game I continued to offer encouragement and congrats to players who made good plays, including the bot lane who was flaming me!! After the game I took a break to cool off since I was tilted. I came back to unwind with an ARAM or something to find that I had been punished for the previous game and my entire season's honor was wiped out. I looked over the chat log and the more I read it the more I felt it had to be a mistake. I opened a ticket and was told that the punishment and the loss of honor would be upheld. As someone who has 1) played for 8 years and never once been punished or even received a warning for toxic behavior 2) worked very hard to play with honor, this was frankly devastating. I am considering giving up on LoL again as a result. This experience has made me lose all faith in the current system. I do not see how the chat log below merits the wiping out of an entire season's worth of honor, even considering nothing else. When you consider that it's a log from a player who has never received a warning for any behavior in the past, who has a long history of playing with honor and being honored by teammates, and was only responding to being attacked by toxic players it seems all the more unfair. To my mind, the whole purpose of the honor system is to encourage players to "play nice" by punishing bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. As a player who has worked very hard to "play nice" with even the most toxic people I have met, having all of my honor wiped out for being salty in just one single game where I am being flamed does not motivate me to "play nice" in the future. Rather it convinces me that good behavior earns you nothing, and bad behavior goes unpunished (the flamers clearly have not been banned prior to that game). Again, after an entire season of honorable play, according to the current system, the following chat log from ONE game alone merits being stripped of all honor. Maybe you as the community will disagree with me, but in my opinion the loss of an entire season of honor based on this log leaves me feeling like there isn't much point in putting in the effort to "play nice" with the trolls. MazerRackhem: ty MazerRackhem: kk MazerRackhem: its our lb MazerRackhem: their jungle in our side 90% of the time, no matter how many times I ping, no help MazerRackhem: I give up, team too toxic. (Note: Didn't give up on trying to win. Gave up on trying to explain myself to flamers) MazerRackhem: no help MazerRackhem: 2/3 (<- flamers kept saying I was 1/4 or something like that) MazerRackhem: oh, im so sorry did the 0/2 ezreal whose flaming me need my hel with somthing? (Note: To my mind this was the worse thing I said all game. Not nice I admit, but worth losing an entire season of honor for that one comment!?) MazerRackhem: lol, I love how Ezreal starts flaming me, but its my fault MazerRackhem: Me? Lol plat for 2 seasons, just didnt play last year MazerRackhem: w/e puttign you all on mute MazerRackhem: trolls not worth my time MazerRackhem: ^ Bot lane toxic AF MazerRackhem: Im not trolling lol, build this way because Im getting no help and need to farm up (Bot saying I had a troll build b/c I built some dmg) MazerRackhem: I have never trolled a single game in my life MazerRackhem: nice job keld (Kled) MazerRackhem: very wp MazerRackhem: nj MazerRackhem: I had 150 hp. You dont have to flame me for litterally every action I take you know (Note: After a team fight I went back to base to heal while team pushed. Was flamed for it) MazerRackhem: again, the flame for litterally ever single thing MazerRackhem: here comes more right? MazerRackhem: "lmoa" I flamed our jungle for 30 min straight despite having a worse KDA and now he's not playing as well as at the start (Note: Response to Bot lane saying "LMAO Rammus so tilted", and talking about how he now had a better KDA then me and so on and so forth) MazerRackhem: Wow, your so awesome kid MazerRackhem: lb was litterally pinging me asking me start it (Note: Response to "WTF why would you start dragon! Your so bad," etc) MazerRackhem: Yeah I can work on locket MazerRackhem: nj MazerRackhem: pull it out MazerRackhem: yup, all me again (Note: Team started drag, I tried to get them to pull it out of pit, they didn't. We lost the team fight, they blamed me) MazerRackhem: gg wp MazerRackhem: I was with LB (Note: Response to Bot flaming me for not being on their side of the map when the encountered enemy)
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