Riot is the cause of all negativity in this game.

Riot games has had a problem with negativity since its inception. It seems to be the only game on the internet with such a problem. Yet the company fails to do any introspection. Let's take a look at this for example. You can see in this match history a record number of losses in a row. Every single game I'm playing fairly well and my teammates get destroyed. Most of the players in these games are plat and diamond. I'm plat on my main account as well. This should be fairly decent MMR right? Wrong. 10 games of absolutely misery. Kids running it down mid. Kids not trying. Kids afking. You know, the classic League of Legends experience. Let's assume for the sake of argument I'm the worst player in the world. Why does it take 10 games of miserable matches to get me into the "proper" mmr? Why is it acceptable for Riot's system to give me 10 absolutely miserable losses in a row? Oh, but rest assured it is expected that despite being fucked in the ass by Riot's Matchmaking system (or lack of one) that you should have a positive attitude at all times! What a great game! This how a normal person's attitude goes: First loss: Ehh it happens. Maybe I could have helped bot a little more. Second loss: some hard matches today I guess. I'm unlucky. Third loss: Jesus what's going on today. Fourth loss: What the actual fuck Fifth loss: HERE WE GO AGAIN Sixth loss: Why the fuck am I being punished by this dog shit company? Seventh loss: HOLY SHIT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY Eighth loss: I don't even give a fuck anymore. Ninth loss: w/e I'm afk this is a waste of my fucking time. I'll admit this is pretty rare. I can't remember the last time I've had this many losses in a row. You know what else is rare? Me losing my patience. So if Riot games clearly fucks up hard nothing happens. If I lose my patience in one game out of hundreds I get some kind of punishment. Is it any wonder there's negativity on League of Legends? You provide a immensely negative experience for your players and then expect them to be happy. There is literally no excuse for a 10 year old game to be sending people on 10 game losing streaks and when it does happen it's time for Riot to admit they've fucked up. There is a reason there is literally no other gaming company on the entire planet with negativity issues. It's time for some introspection.
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