My eyes are open! We've been playing all wrong.

All this time we've been lead to believe supports were supposed to peel and give kills to the carries. But no more! From here on, I will choose damage-focused champions and play for the KD rather than the KDA. Thank you to the wonderful and wise Fizz in my previous game, who elucidated this fact for me! From the guru's mouth: **Fizz:** \*\*\*\* do something instead of sitting there 2/8 **Alistar:** Sincere question. Why do people ALWAYS ignore assists when calling out a support? I'm 2/8/17. Not 2/8. **Fizz:** your 2/8. your assists mean nothing ----- "Your assists mean nothing (you silly support)." ~ A 10/10/10 Fizz ----- I can't believe it took me so long to realize this simple fact! I can't wait to start my next game with this newfound knowledge. I'm thinking of taking Master Yi. Suggestions?
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