Flawed Punishment System is Flawed

Alright, anyone else had really poor experiences and gotten chat restrictions or worse they sincerely felt they did not deserve? I just played a game where I only made 2 comments. The first (I was the Jungler) I went bot lane, pinged I was coming. We had a pretty good position, both my team mates were at full health, it was a good engage. But rather than go in with me, the laners back off and I wound up fighting 1v2 and died. I didn't flame, I DID comment in chat along the lines of "guys, why did you not help me out, that was an easy double", they retorted, I made a comment to be ready the next go round, and that was it. A few minutes later, I attempted Dragon. I pinged for assistance, as our Support Sona was sitting bot lane and the enemy team was not there with her. I pinged a few more times, still no response, she sat bot and farmed. After the dragon, which went off without interference, I asked, (rightfully in my opinion) why Sona hadnt helped out. Immediately, this was meant with flaming from Mid for "calling her out", and our adc and sona then proceeded to flame me actively the rest of the ENTIRE game for those two comments, saying I was incompetent, insulting me repeatedly, telling me I needed to grow up, it just didn't end from start to finish. After the game, go figure, all three of them reported me and I got a chat restriction. I even took the time to go back over the chat on the notification, those two comments were the ONLY things I said and it sent them into attacks on me. Situations like this have happened before, repeatedly. Now I'm not going to claim I've never had a toxic game before, I think anyone who claims that is lying frankly, but 9 times out of 10, it's because of a bs situation like this, where I literally do nothing other than make a suggestion or ask for help, a premade or some such takes offense, spend the ENTIRE Game flaming and acting toxic, then I get the punishment. And frankly submitting any ticket seems pointless, it seems like no matter how many positive games you have if you have a negative one anywhere on the list it gets used to justify the restriction in these situations. Any thoughts? Opinions?

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