My 14-day suspension chat logs, enjoy

Just to clarify, no, I didn't get banned on THIS account. The logs I'm providing are from my permbanned eune account. These are the logs from the 14-day suspension on that account, yeah, i saved them. Enjoy, or not. I definitely won't because I have to write them down from screenshots. Will mark the things that made me get banned with *this*. go ahead ffs *are u stupid?* ty stay what go ahead LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO *nice english* *another kata player crying for kills...* OMFG guys pls help *my mid and adc are fking cancer, they want to report for no reason* (side note, lmfao) LMFAO "bicuse, ks" *i wanna fking quit* my fault? ??? teamwork stop pls *nice english kai sa* happy now? ??? wtf are u even saying wtf was that lol IM GOING INNTO HYPERSPEED nvm..? MIIID *STFU ALREADY* guys look at this *pls report kai sa for troll* "KID" you just fking flashed for no reason I JUST FKING SAVED YOU AND YOU DIE ANYWAY ... *kys* *this game is becoming r%%%%%ed because of kids like you* baron *Kys jax* .... Yep. Before you comment that I'm a non-reformable piece of shit, I just wanna say that I regret saying all of these things. Right now, I'm completely reformed. Write down below if you want me to post my permban chat logs from this account.

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