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/Division Gold V/ So I was assigned jungle and picked Kayn everything was fine, our autofilled support asked to go mid, our mid laner refused, support didn't said anything just instalocked Kassadin, of course when we said we will report him because of that he replied with: "I'm best Kassadin EUNE" He continued staying mid and taking our real mid's farm and trolling thankfully Tristana and my top Gragas were human beings and were able to think like that somehow we managed to win fights 4v5(3v5 thanks to Kassadin our mid Sivir fell too much having like 50 cs around 20th minute...), Kassadin was busy farming whole the time, we won like 3-4 teamfights Me and Gragas go in Tristana melts everyone from behind despite being 1/5 at that time she was still strong due to Stormrazor, I even had a Penta in a 2v5 fights ( Me and Gragas ) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I get fed so much I could literally keep on fightning for a long time all those ability healings...(Rhaast OP) What really bugged me wasn't Kassadin, his bad score and attittude neither not helping in teamfights...what really annoyed me was the way he acted like "that's how you win without taking kills", "im best kassadin", "we won thanks to me", and things like this... I had 40000 more damage dealt than him despite building Tank he was Kassadin... he failed and died 4 times trying to take Nexus and was so proud I didn't knew what to do, to cry or laugh... Guys stop thinking you play on a Challenger level when you take a few 200-300 hp towers... this doesn't make you look cool or whatever, yeah sure objectives are more important than kills but If you lose that fight 3v5 or 4v5, objectives won't win you the game while enemy is taking our nexus... Conclusion: You shouldn't feel bad for doing bad but please don't act so high and cool when you are getting carried hard by your team, like why don't you just shut up and let them carry you ?
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