Bans due to unsportsmanlike chat

Am I the only one who feels the bans issued in this game from unsportsmanlike chat are ridiculous? Why is it that a player can be banned for petty things like arguing or expressing rage in some way or form. I can completely understand if someone is being bullied or harassed. However, it seems Riot feels their moral standards are absolute and if you type in anything remotely human (because that's what free speech is), you get hit with chat restrictions or bans. I've gotten penalties many times because I don't just hold my thoughts back when someone is 1/9 criticizing my game play. Why do I not have the right to speak my mind? The line truly isn't that fine that Riot has to issue the same penalties for people that do seriously harass or speak in a prejudice way as those who are arguing. This is a video game, not some political crossroads where we have to delegate superior moral behavior. I have spent countless hours and real life money on this game only for some sensitive kid behind his keyboard to have the power to prevent me from playing or typing because he hits the report button in attempt at revenge. In most cases, the same person having initiated the argument or "unsportsmanlike" conversation! Why have the ability to chat at all, if everything is monitored and judged in a dystopian manner. Honestly, I know this all sounds like the raging of someone who can't keep his in game conversation to an appropriate level but truly when you spend as much money and time on this game it feels really bad to have it taken from you because of some petty social standard decided upon by other humans. I imagine the reasoning behind penalizing people due to chat is that you might lose players from toxicity but in all honesty if someone can't handle what is literally not only normal on the internet but in real life why are they playing a game where socializing is one of its greatest merits. We're not all going to be these weird robots only promoting positive remarks like "gg! Well played! Good job!". There has to be some level of criticism allowed and if argument will always result in penalty the initiator should be the one punished. With that being said, I'm considering quitting this game due to these foolish standards and will explain why to the literal 100s of friends I have that play this game. Many of which will surely do the same because they play to spend time with me in a fun way. Peace
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