EUW Toxicity

Just played a normal game, I did okay as annie support until the later part of the game. Anyway, a bit before I started getting picked off (trying to ward in a losing game, "you thought they'd reset after baron, hell no they're 4 stacked in the bush next to wraith camp xd") there was a fight in top lane. I stun their Lee Sin and their Yorick kills me, Darius and Kata (my team) die too after, and they start flaming, even though Kat died without ulting and Darius fed his ass off to the Yorick (Meta Darius vs Melee) :^) Darius: Annie Darius: Please Katarina: Hang yourself annie Darius: Kil yourself Darius: After game This is literally, letter for letter, what they put in chat. It's a normal game... wtf is up with these people. Reported and probably won't be punished, this game sucks
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