Toxic behaviour and chat restrict bans

People nowadays play league of legends and play with trolls, those come from a big lose streak being that because of another trolls,so this is like a snowball, someone trolls someone that other someone will get tilted and troll aswell or just flame,people that play normal are open to go new metas, that's probably where the Inting sion was born, and even tho it made lots of people feed,it was something new with almost 0 troll intention behind, it was pretty good since your split ppush would be gigantic, those metas are funny in normals not in ranked games. My experience in rankeds is like in 0/10 it is a -2, took me 600 games to reach plat and still i can't barely handle the rank, people nowadays play more for themselfs and their score, they can be 2/0 and go afk, losing the game but with a good kda, while other people can go 0/14/22 and win the game, what im thinking is that people play more for the score then for the win, everyone just gives up on the game too easily, they die once or twice and the only thing i see after that is a surrender vote, in my opinion the game's only over when the nexus is destroyed no one can predict the future there are lots of comeback scenarios... Not only the kda focus player, but the troll player aswell, they got so triggered in their games bc of or kda people or trollers that they troll aswell, or if a little mistake is made because of the team that person just goes mad, and starts flaming everything and everyone, in my opinion instead of giving chat restriction bans for what people write in the chat riot should go check the reason to the flame, what happened for this person to get this mad, giving chat restrictions bans just doesnt help at all, everyone flames when they get tilted i did flame a lot too, i just picked up way too many trolls and got a lot mad but i wasnt a extreme flame and sometimes i even asked sorry for my behaviour on the chat, because i start a game alone or with a teammate and then i have other 3 or 4 people feeding or just staying afk, or trolling, it puts the person into trigger , the only chat restriction ban that should be used just by looking at the chat is for that extreme flame for example '' i hope your mother get c@ncer'' that sort of thing should be bannable right on the spot , now banning people saying '' dude why are you inting , wtf are you doing, dont be dumb'' those sorts of things come from the other players not the person itself. no one in this world can live his whole life without getting mad, it happens, and when people are a lot addicted to the game it will happen quite a lot, its just a leaving the game because the internet went down or something like that, it is stupid to ban a person for leaving a game per month because of that, it happens... Just like the flame, the light flame, it happens people aren't always happy some have harder times , giving a chat restrict doesnt help at all, only triggers the person even more,i think that riot should start checking the games before putting restrictions like that, someone can be going 0/35/0 and someone actually trying to win the game says '' fucking noob'' , and if that person gets like 5 games like that it can be banned for flame while it isnt even her fault that her team just dont want to win... These are points that should be looked at, riot must stop trying to put the right ideology in peoples mind and start fixing the main issues, this is like a kids fight, a kid gives a kick to other, the other gives another kick and the other gets punished because the adult didnt saw the first kid kicking the other, it is as stupid as a child fight like wtf... Best regards,Mortal333
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