Social Experiment: Too much Feminism?

So lately I see a lot of news about how women are so mistreated in the gaming world. I couldn't help but notice that most of the articles were written by women too. I thought it seemed to stem from bitterness and was wishing that they would take the drama out of a "fun" environment. That is until a couple days ago when I changed my summoner name, and boy was I shocked at the player response. My old name was Kohai Lux, which would sometimes generate thoughts that I was a female, but nothing ever seemed to come of it, being that I wasn't always assumed I was a female. Then I changed my name to "Nuka Girl Lux". Mainly to display my passion for Fallout and League of Legends. I did not anticipate the responses I would receive. Comments such as "I hate E-girls", and "E-Girls ruin the game." I would also receive comments like "hey NGL (Nuka Girl Lux) baby I'll help you win this game." One game where I played support, the 'KAYN' player intentionally threw the game just to kill me as much as possible, hating on "E-girls" and telling me how I shouldn't be playing LOL. I myself personally think that there is so much media focus on "How women are so mistreated", but now I can understand why they feel that way. You would too if you were being treated that way every game just because you are a female. I was raised to be a gentlemen, so on the behalf of all the bitchy guys who cant handle the thought of losing to a girl, I apologize for the insecure guys out there, and I will continue to show respect to guys and girls alike as a sportsmanlike player, and ask that you do the same in return for me.
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