Smurfs are killing this game

There needs to be something done about all the smurf accounts. A new player like myself are left with three choices; Play bots which even at the hardest setting are pitiful and pose no challenge. Play PvP matches where 1/20 players are new and the rest are smurfs. Which then basically we just watch the game get played out by kids that have nothing better to do than ruin the game for lower levels because they want to troll. Oh wait that's those are the only options..other than play another moba that actually balances gameplay. Yes, yes i know I'm going to get flamed... "oh you just suck" blah blah blah. Say what you will, I know I a "noob" and that's my problem. I don't have a medium that allows me to learn vs players with my similar amount of playtime/skill level. It's the reason i quit playing years ago, but now a group of my friends are picking it up again. I want to play, learn and catch up to them. But it has been nothing but smurfs match after match, not just on the opponents side but also my team. Which they flame and dis players for sucking, while they solo carry the whole game which is fun for nobody other than the "pro". So anyone have any suggestions to help me with this issue other that "git good"...?
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