Bans don't work: Split the community between 'Agressive' and 'Friendly' (Toxic v non toxic)

Seriously, lots of people are into that hyper competitive trash talking thing And lots of people hate it Maybe we could just... check a box and have the matchmaking system be split between people who want it and those who don't the reason why I say this is because dude who get banned just quick and grind up a new account, grab their handful of mains, and then get banned again. The trash talking isn't always actual rage, it's like... people trying to be alpha. *** I don't agree with it but I see that people want their games this way, and i don't see riot dealing with the issue in a way that works*** so instead of continuing a constant and unending cycle, might as well just solve the problem, put the ragers in their own lobbies, their own games, their own ranking systems make it all alpha sounding, Instead of bronze/silver/gold/plat/daimond give them like trash/salt/cancer/rek'd/beast/tyler1 and whatever other toxic ass terms we can come up with Make them love the toxicity and keep them in it give them little borders market to it for all i care just fucking do something to make the game less ragey for people who want a friendly match, and let the ragers go rage somewhere else. Fuck it we all like to play the game and we can't get along, lets just find a middle ground here

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