Someone please explain why this chatlog is worthy of a permaban.

It's important to note that the last punishment I had was a chat restriction over 2 months ago, and I've been steadily gaining honor and haven't been notified I've been reported since then, in the over 150 games I've played in that time. However, for the first time since I earned that chat restriction 150+ games ago, I called out 2 people for intentionally feeding. It doesn't really matter the specifics of that, since Riot doesn't actually care about inting. Here's the ONLY chatlog, for the ONLY game relevant to this PERMANENT BAN. Please just explain why this game, as the only reason presented for this ban, is worthy of permanently banning an account. Game 1 In-Game God Went MIA: chiiiiillll God Went MIA: shitty timing God Went MIA: you guys are setting inting records God Went MIA: gj nami God Went MIA: sweeeet God Went MIA: its absolutely amazing how people can int so hard and not be permabanned God Went MIA: yaaaa lmao get this trynd a permaban plz gg God Went MIA: lmao God Went MIA: first of all God Went MIA: look at his items God Went MIA: and u cant go die 5 times in 10 minutes on accident unless youre braindead God Went MIA: why God Went MIA: the God Went MIA: fuck God Went MIA: would you even bother God Went MIA: playing this game God Went MIA: if ur just going to int God Went MIA: enjoy ur bans God Went MIA: if ur as bad at this game as yasuo and trynd loging into the fucking game is inting God Went MIA: in what universe is 1/7 not inting God Went MIA: i have literally never gone 0/5 in 8 minutes and i casn promise that God Went MIA: kindred ur win rate is 30% ur not any fucking better God Went MIA: lmao God Went MIA: lol gg God Went MIA: this yasuo is such a fucking piece of shit God Went MIA: lol gg God Went MIA: report this yas unless u want him on ur team Post-Game God Went MIA: go for it God Went MIA: i dont flame people who dont int God Went MIA: its not often people are as troll as these 2 God Went MIA: not that bad God Went MIA: buddy God Went MIA: thats inting God Went MIA: not a bad game God Went MIA: enjoy ur perma ban trynd God Went MIA: lmao trynd God Went MIA: i was farming God Went MIA: until ur lane came bot God Went MIA: 10 times God Went MIA: its pathetic u guys are defending inters God Went MIA: jesus christ youre actually 10 God Went MIA: wow lmao what a fucking braindead human Aside: The reason NA is a 4fun region and will never be as competitive as Korea or even EU is because inting is perfectly OK but typing mean words is permanently bannable. If people were actually offended they could just press the mute button. This oppressive persecution of everyone who types "trigger words" in chat is absolutely disgraceful in a game that's supposed to be competitive. Every game in the Korean and EU solo queue servers has chat that would get accounts banned in NA. When did we become of the fortnite/roblox region? It makes absolutely no sense to permanently ban someone from playing based on what they type when it can be easily muted, meanwhile people run it down routinely and don't get punished.
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