I believe my ban was wrong

This was the first time I was perma banned and I truly did mean everything I said. -https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/8TNVTnip-thanks-for-the-perma-ban Game 1 For context I was xerath In-Game StaySaltyBaby: ok no conq mord StaySaltyBaby: wtf StaySaltyBaby: conq is op on him -Here I just said conq is good on morde. Not bannable. StaySaltyBaby: he has no flash StaySaltyBaby: HOW WAS THAT MY FAULT StaySaltyBaby: HOW ALL MY ABILITES WERE ON COOLDOWN StaySaltyBaby: I HIT HIM WITH E StaySaltyBaby: ALL I CAN DO -Kindred complained and spammed pinged with "?" StaySaltyBaby: HOW StaySaltyBaby: DID YOU LOSE StaySaltyBaby: BUT KANYE HAS ARCANE StaySaltyBaby: sure get ur acc banned StaySaltyBaby: "I ALWAYS WIN WITH GRASP" -Ill admit I mocked him with "I ALWAYS WIN WITH GRASP", but I didnt say anything bannable. StaySaltyBaby: u lost to kayn TOP with arcane -Unless saying "sure get ur acc banned" when he said he will int is bannable ok. StaySaltyBaby: bruh morde StaySaltyBaby: we dont care -Morde kept saying he is gonna int we didnt care cause it was 17-35 and we had no towers. Also their hec with conq was 7-1 and just destroying us. StaySaltyBaby: I DODGED TWO W"S StaySaltyBaby: BRUH U DONT DODGE SHIT StaySaltyBaby: U GOT HIT BY ALL HIS W"S StaySaltyBaby: NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN StaySaltyBaby: U ARENT GOOD -Morde kept pinging and said "Lol dude you cant beat kayn top with arcane haha" so I just said he isnt good and not to play again, also said he cant dodge skillshots. StaySaltyBaby: report mord toxic StaySaltyBaby: u said u wanted hang urself saying u will int if i dont shut up -For context MORDE SAID THIS, I said this is in all chat with "report mord toxic" so giving a reason why to report a toxic by quoting what he said is bannable? StaySaltyBaby: WHY VOTE NO StaySaltyBaby: dude if morde doesnt get banned -Morde did say all that and yeah ^ StaySaltyBaby: KILL VAYNE StaySaltyBaby: SHE JUST H AS GA StaySaltyBaby: whatever StaySaltyBaby: jst ff pls StaySaltyBaby: check my match history StaySaltyBaby: ohoho StaySaltyBaby: i was hard camped -Soraka complained saying I was trying to hard int and I wasn't I was just playing really bad ill admit it. I was not trying to int I was just trying to do dmg for my team but I couldnt do any dmg. StaySaltyBaby: hec just went behind my tower pressed r StaySaltyBaby: and i died StaySaltyBaby: I WAS TOWER StaySaltyBaby: AND DIED THEIR 5 times -Soraka complained again and I gave her reason wrong or right not a offense. StaySaltyBaby: just report morde pks Game 2 For context Pyke is my irl friend and I have at least 600 or so games with my two accs StaySaltyBaby and SaltyBoiMalum. Also my mic was broken so the only way I could communicate was in league chat. Also why I sounded like a complete douche when I flamed him this game. I mean we flame each other in discord way worse, but at the end of the day we still are bros and no hard feelings. Its just dudes flaming each other as a joke. Like I dont actually mean hes trash ive seen him when he plays good (a lot) im just mocking his play/s. Also im xerath this game, we have a tris, pyke, Kha (I think), and yorick. Enemy team had garen and fizz, im unsure about jg and bot lane. In-Game StaySaltyBaby: WHY TF StaySaltyBaby: IS BOTLANE AT TOWER StaySaltyBaby: GO TO RED StaySaltyBaby: or just let mid die StaySaltyBaby: dumbass -Adc flamed me for dying when I was checking my phone for a sec and he said "I want to be at wave first" I said "or just let mid die" called him a dumbass for not pinging when they could have looked at mini and warned me about the enemys/ StaySaltyBaby: no StaySaltyBaby: shh StaySaltyBaby: love pings in this elo -Not bannable StaySaltyBaby: ur first actual good play StaySaltyBaby: he has a q dash StaySaltyBaby: that w StaySaltyBaby: bro ur shark always misses StaySaltyBaby: im only in its circle StaySaltyBaby: why are riven and pyke switched StaySaltyBaby: im a xerath GOD -pyke complained about fizzs dashes and how its worse than yas. I cant remember if this was is in discord or not. StaySaltyBaby: didnt remember asking u something 2-4 StaySaltyBaby: u pulled him away from dmg4 StaySaltyBaby: cause ur bad -pyke pulled him away from my q and w when he was stunned by e. StaySaltyBaby: what? StaySaltyBaby: ALSO StaySaltyBaby: GTFO StaySaltyBaby: LEMME SOLO PUSH -Adc went to every lane I went and just took cs from me StaySaltyBaby: mf StaySaltyBaby: what the fuck is ur build The enemy mf had like manamune and deaths dance and like executioners calling. I just called him out on his build. We didnt say anything to each before that or after that. It was in a joking way aswell StaySaltyBaby: ur death was not in vain -Pyke died so I could make a sneaky escape. StaySaltyBaby: but ur still trash -Again in a joking way he even sent a (: u too in discord. StaySaltyBaby: ok fizz StaySaltyBaby: ur a little bitch -Fizz litterally just sat back and when r came back he just rushed me and popped me. He never fought during laning phase didnt go for minions and sat away from my q range making me pretty infuriated, but not mad. StaySaltyBaby: DEFEND StaySaltyBaby: OVER ATTACK StaySaltyBaby: RECALL -I dont even remember the reason for this, but I think I was talking to my team with "DEFEND" and "RECALL" and I think "OVER ATTACK" was for the enemy team. StaySaltyBaby: worst jg na Kha or at least I think was our jg jumped into a 1v4 and barely managed to make one of em go to half health StaySaltyBaby: THANKS StaySaltyBaby: PUSH EM AWAY FROM ME Pyke pulled them out of my q w with his q and yes I used push instead of pull like a pepega. StaySaltyBaby: im litterally the nly person doing anything rn StaySaltyBaby: also spicy stfu StaySaltyBaby: u havent done anything Pyke flamed me (again we do this in a joking way) StaySaltyBaby: TRIS ur useless StaySaltyBaby: u dont do anything StaySaltyBaby: and u dont know how to play ur champ StaySaltyBaby: u dont do dmg -Tris was saying I cant do anything to change the game and im useless. At this point in the game I could kill their adc with e q or w q. StaySaltyBaby: well im full build StaySaltyBaby: dont take blue StaySaltyBaby: i need it StaySaltyBaby: do u want to lose the game StaySaltyBaby: u morons StaySaltyBaby: im the only one doing dmg Tris and Kha went and took blue as I was right next to them or at least in range to kill it with q. StaySaltyBaby: I ONE SHOT THEIR TANKS StaySaltyBaby: WHY WOULD U Q HIM TO ME StaySaltyBaby: WTF IS WRONG WITH U StaySaltyBaby: gg StaySaltyBaby: SEAN U FUCKNG PULLED HIM ON ME -Pyke pulled garen on me and he r'd also his name is not Sean he just looks like Sean the sheep and its a inside joke we have with our friend group. StaySaltyBaby: no u didnt -Pyke he said that he actually pushed him away from me. StaySaltyBaby: of course im toxic StaySaltyBaby: im playing with monkeys on my team -Tris was saying im toxic and ill admit I was toxic, but didnt actually say anything toxic to anyone and I was joking about what I said to pyke and he was too. StaySaltyBaby: okay prove it StaySaltyBaby: get a triple StaySaltyBaby: show me ur worth -Tris was saying she know how to play her champ and that she can carry and I told her to prove it. StaySaltyBaby: end the game StaySaltyBaby: all mid StaySaltyBaby: gj team for once StaySaltyBaby: (: -We won the game and I sent a joke which made Tris the only person that we actually had a little argument, but we were not flaming each other send a "lol u too" or just "lol" Im not sure. Post-Game StaySaltyBaby: lol StaySaltyBaby: at 94 StaySaltyBaby: gg StaySaltyBaby: 1 honor ): StaySaltyBaby: ty (: -Tris honored me "For staying cool" and we even friended each other (I think I just remember friending a lot of people these last few days), but we didnt que together cause I just went to bed. If u guys wanna veirfy that I was joking around with Pyke just msg Stay Spicy, again a good friend of mine irl. Edit: I dont think riot would ban me for calling one person a bitch and nothing else, that is litterally the only thing that I cannot defend myself. These are the two games where I was BANNED for. Telling people they are bad, but not arguing or getting angry. I told the enemy mf that her build was questionable, I told my morde "I NEVER LOSE WITH GRASP" in a mocking way. I didnt tell anyone they are playing like dogshit, I told my friend who we both knew was in a joking way. I called out the fizz being scared a "bitch" because he only went in with r and jg. No one told me to shutup or to stop flaming infact they did the opposite the mord started threatening to int if I didnt shutup. So I did and he still inted. Then I said to report him for being toxic. When I jokingly flamed my friend not a single person told me to shutup or be quiet.
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