Automatic Report System can be tricked, wrongfull bans issued

Started average normal draft game ,being top, and 5 minutes in the game, my teammates started dying on mid and bot lanes. Lee was our jungler so he was quite mobile, but he did not bother to gank top even once about 18 min from the start. ______________________________________________ When i mentioned why isnt he ganking, and will he, him and i suppose his premade friend started flaming and mocking me extensively. After enemy jungler went top several times, i died twice, and started playing defensively, by that time all other of my lanes were much worse ,even tho they had help from the jungler. Mid and bot lanes started blaming me when they died ,pinging on me, flaming ,and threatening with reports, even tho i was at top doing 1v1 against my opponent when he was top. ______________________________________________ I was dissapointed in my team ,and said i will go afk, they responded to me : "go than" " bye" "goodbye", etc ,all of them. But i know that i have no choice ,and being afk will give me penalty so i kept playing, but said i will not help my team untill they apologize ,and stop flame and troll me. Instead they all muted me, and followed me around ,trying to ks minions, enemies ,jungle ,and everything else i was aiming at. They started losing team fights, started flaming eachother since they muted me. I participated in few of the battles, few i skipped, and the game prolonged to 50th min. Between 30th and 55th min, jungler went afk several times for longer than 3min. At the end they were still toxic, and i refused to help them. Instead i politely asked the enemy team to report them ,since they were chatting in /all ,and enemy team already saw the flame, they said ,they will report them. I do not recall using curse words, they used all maner of those on me, in all chat and team chat alike,you know what i mean. And Im the one getting chat restricted. _________________________________________________ Enemy team, or at least some of them, together with me ,reported toxic players in my own team. I can only imagine, but prolly my team reported mostly me, maybe eachother too, and i ended with chat restriction for 10 games. Every time, someone acts rude towards me, flames and or trolls me, i will not play with him as a teammate, from that moment he is my enemy as well. At least untill he starts acting right, (but they almost never do) **Who here is in the right?** _Riot for punishing me for not helping my toxic teammates, or them for being extensively toxic?_
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