Why is it 99.9% the ADC's fault?

I almost never see anyone blame the support. I've had many supports who don't ward, don't use exhaust until I'm dead, don't even ult until I'm dead, or just don't engage. And yet, every time they screw up, somehow I get blamed for it. {{champion:412}} 0/5/1 "noob adc" {{champion:67}} 1/0/0 "???" {{champion:245}} "Don't play adc, you suck at it." The other day I had a support who kept aa'ing the minions which made it hard for me to cs at early levels (couldn't get the aa off in time when they aa them to the point where they all have the same health.) So I asked them if they could stop aaing them. All I said was "plz don't aa minions, makes it hard for me to last hit". In reply to that they said "Muted. I don't need your toxicity." That's the only thing I said to them, nothing prior and nothing after. I know all these "and my ADC did this bs and I saved their ass" memes are jokes, but I think a lot of people take them seriously and always blame the ADC. And it pisses me off more because it's the support who controls how the lane usually goes. Also I'm an ADC main, and once I saw this post about a support main saying different things about bad ADCs. So I tried playing support for a while. It's actually not bad. If you have a half decent ADC who follows up, you're good to go. Yeah you'll get some players who clearly shouldn't play that role, but the majority of the time I got people who weren't toxic and who understood what they were doing. I think the most interesting part is that I controlled the lane. I could keep the enemy back and make them lose exp and cs after we got ahead. So yeah, there will always be some bad players. But don't assume that's it's always just the ADC's fault. Botlane is a duo lane, it's not always just one person's fault it lost.
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