Banned for intentionally feeding when i actually was not, just had a bad game.

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I'm a jungle main, and today i got autofilled as a support. I picked brand, went 2-15-7 with 15.6k damage ( more than my jungler and toplane, but it does not matter). After that game i was in champion select and client closed, because it said that my account was suspended for intentionally feeding. I understand that i made mistakes that game and it was a bad game of me since enemy adc was smurfing and plus i was autofilled, but i DID NOT INTENTIONALLY FEED, i never just went through them and die without doing anything, and now i feel like im 2 week banned for literally nothing, or for having a bad game. I did not even open my lane or went afk, i was trying my best but it was impossible to fight them since they all were overfed and jhin had a tons of movement speed so i couldn't really hit my Q. I can sit and wait for two weeks but after that i will no longer recieve loot stuff and my honor level will also drop for nothing, and i feel like it's unfair. Is there a possible way to fix this? Should i send a ticket?

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