Honor still not updating

Countless other topics about this, I've seen, but I honestly feel like a fringe case. I've been honor 2 since the change happened. I've previously held all 3 ribbons at one point for same-team honors (I don't use all-chat, so I practically never got honorable opponent) and yet, as I play quite frequently, I've noticed that the new system is rather biased. Back before in the old system, it was pretty frequently used that people would honor multiple others. I'd throw out a few as well, since I could do so. However, when the system changed to only allow one honor per person, I've come to see that...people really only honor their friends, and even if not the solo players will honor any role that isn't ADC. I'll play in many games, and at the results screen, I see that even if everyone on my team does honor someone else, my honor box will be completely empty while jungle Gragas who literally called me retarded and told me to kill myself gets honorable mention just because he out-smited baron from the enemy jungler. Regardless of whether or not I'm supporting my team or I just so happen to catch out the enemy team and mow them down 1v5 with Twitch's ult before any of them can react which resulted in an immediate surrender from the enemy team in that very same game. Which, about 10 minutes after said game where I reported him, I received a pop-up stating that "someone" I reported had been struck with a penalty. Gee, I wonder who that could be. Beyond that, your staff claims that even if you don't get honored, you'll still progress and level up as long as you're not punished...yet at the same time, I see all my friends taking their screenshots of them leveling up to Honors 3, 4, and 5 at lightning speed, and even hear of Mr. Tyler1 himself having honor 5 while I stare at nothing to show for any of it. I've been told many things, such as I'm "being slowed" due to "negative behaviour," yet whenever I ask for some form of example as to what behaviour of mine is being flagged as negative, I get no answer, just canned generic responses that have nothing to do with my situation. Such as I "insult" players, to which I do not, and have been shown no proof of doing so, because I don't insult other players. I've also been told to "muting players who are behaving badly, reporting them after the game, and focusing on your own gameplay" which is literally what I've already been doing for over a year now, which has seen me climbing the ladder much more quickly than I used to. I even communicate that I'm muting so-in-so's chat/pings so that everyone knows what's up for the sake of needed communication in the game when it's needed. I've also been told not to "ask other players to report people" which is LITERALLY a bannable offense, I report people for it all the time, why would I do it? What am I supposed to do here? I'm like 95% sure the system is broken and Riot refuses to fess up to it, let alone be any kind of transparent whatsoever, which they claim they've been trying to do for a long time now. Then again, they still can't even get the lore right after 3 years of "trying"

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