I couldn't make it to level 30 without getting banned LOL

So either i am just a down right terrible human being.. or im not? Like i honestly don't think there is any thought behind the report system now? I can literally give a player advice, he can consider it toxic and boom im dishonerable. First off the leveling up experiance is just terrible because its a mix of new players with no masteries/sums, level 30 gold-plat players, and smurfs. So Yes its fustrating but honestly you cant say ANYTHING in chat if you want to win. Like i literally told a Warwick " hey i main pantheon and ww doesnt do well vs him i can top if you want" He said "f^&* you you just want top for yourself" I was like ok. So i stayed bot but my adc was pretty bad and kept dying, so after a while i roamed. I actually watched a Neace video where he pretty much said if you are a support and your adc is terrible do somthing else because staying bot will not get you a w. He said to just ignore the players even if they rage. Well i did that and i got banned. Like they ALL flamed me even though i racked up 2 assists in less time then when i was bot. I didnt say anything to them i just kept trying to win. I did say somthing like "Sorry bot wasnt working so im trying somthing else" I also said " roaming isnt a reportable offense" Maybe this made them more angry so they all reported me. They also told enemy to report me for being toxic. And yes im now banned for 14 days. I think its silly the more this game focuses on player behavior and not player development. And obviously this isnt the first time because ill admit when you have a duo bot lane that just goes 0/20 and refuses to ff i can be a little but more talkative in chat. I dont say anything racist, hate but i am negative. Like ill say " can we please ff this is a waste of time" ALSO. I find this part silly as well. I have also been reporting people now and i NEVER did before. Its like my only way of "getting back" I almost feel bad but ive reported players for just playing poorly and they got banned. i know this because it says "thanks for blah blah a player has been suspended"
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