This Community Isn't Toxic, It's Overly Sensitive

Is it just me? Because I feel like if I even crack a joke I'm immediately pegged as a hostile entity on the team and I'm just salt of the earth. I got reported and labeled "toxic" for saying "bUILD arMoR" in game. An enemy renekton wen't maybe 8/0 and ALL chatted "first time renekton" and a simple "he's a simple champ, gj" and that was replied with "Waow, SALTY MUCH?" Maybe kids just care about this game way too much, but for those of us who don't really care about a KDA we're literally just saying a casual "gj". Mostly I say nothing in game, not much a ping won't tell my team, but those few times I do need to more thoroughly communicate it just makes someone cry apparently, and even my username offensds people. (It's a word I said a bunch when I was like 4, and I use it as my penname for everything online) Anyone else see this in game? Any amount of light-handed critique to a teammate, play suggestion, or mild criticism is immediately read as toxic when in reality is just strategy. Go into the real world, people will talk to you in a certain way--especially in a sport--where they need results from you and have to get a point across directly. I really don't see a lot of toxicity in this game, truly. I see maybe.. ONE actually toxic player in about 20 games. One, true, true, just a-hole that I would never want to play with. But I don't believe this community is as toxic as everyone thinks it is, I just think everyone's overly reacts to the smallest things and get's their feelings hurt, and report-happy. Maybe it's an age factor? Or just a League thing?
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