I don't hate the game, I hate its playerbase.

I love outplaying my opponents, I love ranking up in the ladder and trying new thins out. I love it when Riot releases new mechanics into the game like turret plating, rift heralds and elemental dragons. I love winning a game that I bust my ass in and like taking the enemy by surprise. What I don't like, is the community. I can't go one game anymore, especially ranked, without someone legitimately int feeding away, someone having a pissy fit, or someone spamming "Gg" by the 3 minute mark cause someone died. I can't stand it when people bicker back and forth, trying to prove who has the bigger ballsack. I can't stand it when people literally give up so easily because they didn't get their way. I can't stand seeing just constant negativity in the game. Like I can't even remember the last time I saw a legitimate piece of courtesy or just all around politeness from a game. Nothing like "It's ok man, we all have bad games" or "Hey nice try man, you'll get them next time". That is what disgusts me, that behavior like that is looked down upon in game because of just how toxic people are. I shouldn't have to resort to /mute all EVERY single game, because I really wish to be able to communicate with my fucking team, but I suppose I am just asking for far too much.
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