I need help to stop getting permabanned

I've been permabanned across 21 accounts over the span of 8 years (thank god I'm not a streamer or anyone relevant), and it's become increasingly harder for me to stop the process. I genuinely try to be a better player and stop typing/target inting/etc but sometimes it just gets really difficult. I can't /mute all because I get curious about halfway through the game and unmute everybody. I love when people flame each other, and when they flame me I almost can't resist flaming back. I have tried my very best to stop inting ever as the years have gone by. I just can't resist doing these things once or twice every couple months and its been really difficult for me to reform. If anyone has any type of advice thats what I'm looking for, because I really am trying to improve, I just have a tough time doing so. Today I have gotten a 14-day suspension on my 22nd account for flaming, after my longest streak of going unbanned (6 months). I really do think I am improving however I am nowhere near where I want to be as a player.
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