Refund after perma ban? (Not Me)

Before i start, no i'm not the one that was perma banned nor will i ever. Ok lets cut to the chase. My close friend was being toxic in game after a 2 week ban and ended up getting perma banned 100% deserved. Afterwards when he told me he said he got a partial refund 800 ($800) and claimed he got a notification saying he got a refund. I really doubt this though and thinking he might be messing with me. Some major variables of his claim include: -How will they know what account to refund it too? -I've never heard of anyone receiving a refund after a perma banned? - Isn't it it voilating the TOU by being extremely toxic and why would Riot give a refund to a complete jerk who violated their own game rules? So theres alot of questions if hes messing with me or not so, preemptive thank you for the answers! Edit: Hes canadian i heard like koreans have your credit card of something connected to your accc is that the same with canadians? im not sure.
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