Banned after having a flame discussion with a toxic riot employee

so i wanted to share a story which happened to me a few days ago and i do have some questions for you in terms of legality and the behavoíour of riot employees. i am currently plat 1 and i am, i gotta admit, a pretty toxic player. Though i only flame (for my point of view) for reasons, like for people running it down, not listening to pings and therefore feeding... and i also do give negative comments on obviously dumb moves since i expect some kind of game knowledge from hight plat players. This probably also has to do with me beeing very competetive in those kinds of games and also not having too much time to play since i gotta study for university. So each and every game is a lot of invested time and i tryhard every game. So a few days ago i was playing late at night ( about 2 am and i know this was not a good idea) , and i was loosing 3 matches in a row. Therefore i was very frustrated already and there was a bit of flaming done in the previous 2 games ( not too rough though). In the third game i then got put together with my previous support ( i played middle) and a previous toplane, who both were toxic before and with whom i had toxic discussions during the game. Even though the top player was pretty calm, the support was not having it, criticising me for my previous game and soft-flaming me in champ select already. I did not write anything yet and i wanted to focus on the game. After a few minutes into the game both bot and top lost their lane hard and the game was over already since i wasn´t doing great either. somewhere there i snapped and started typing. Even though the toplaner didn´t flame the support was flaming me back. he then continued to grief the game, only pushing botlane while we all tried to defend the base and go for objectives etc. while he typed in all chat to the enemys to end the game, telling me that i don´t deserve to win this. Of course i asked in all chat to report the support for grieving and giving up. after the game he added me, not writing anything. after we both waited i just went for it and told him in private chat to killl himself. he then continued to spam Xd´s and after a while he told me that he was working for riot, and that i can say goodbye to my account. A few moments later I hot a 14 day suspension. My questions are now: is he allowed to ban me like that, even though i did flame a bit ingame? can i get my ban removed if it was an illegal act from his side ? how can a riot employee troll ingame with no punishment ? can i report such an act ? thank you for your help and listening to my story
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