"Only yourself can make you feel inferior"

A post called "Grow tougher skin" got me thinking about this. A lot of the comments mentioned about real world mentality and how stuff like insults aren't nearly as allowed in the real world then online. I am a person who considers themselves very strong mentally. I like the term "I know what I know, and I know what I don't" and I know that I am a very open-minded person. I also grew up with a friend group (still brothers with them to this day) that our daily task was to "How can we hilariously insult each other today?" I took a lot of shit, I gave a lot of shit. At one point towards end of HS, I started looking back and think of how I felt during those flaming battles and it wasn't all too great. I thought about it more and more, and I realized that years after I stopped hanging out with that group of friends everyday (moved to college) that nothing anyone could say could get to me. I was conditioned by all the shit I took in my childhood. Someone saying "hurtful things" to you or insults, cannot make you upset, you can only allow the words to get to you. I feel like if Riot promoted this type of attitude instead of "tell us who is saying what and we'll punish them," that the Riot community could rise from the toxic ashes and see real change.
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