why did i get banned for not using bad word but asking for something?

Game 1 Pre-Game Ochirt: lux In-Game Ochirt: j4 u better gank bot after giving u fb Ochirt: r%%%%%s Ochirt: repot lux plse very toxic Ochirt: shes flaming me since 1st min Ochirt: riot can check chat plse report Ochirt: see lux is so mad shes taking cs Ochirt: 4 bot Ochirt: lux u cant talk but im not talking to u Ochirt: ur toxic Ochirt: wish we could get a gank lolz Ochirt: right? Ochirt: something we both agree? Ochirt: 4 bot still no jarvan Ochirt: jarvan came to fed so its 0 to 5 Ochirt: 0 from us 5 ganks from them Ochirt: all i asked for is one gank Ochirt: come here Ochirt: j4 Ochirt: i was far away Ochirt: sorry Ochirt: still no gank from Ochirt: lux Ochirt: cmon Ochirt: u saw me backing Ochirt: dont do that bro Ochirt: ur good player Ochirt: j4 is a trash jg Ochirt: trashhh JUNGLER Ochirt: WE GOT GANK BY 4 Ochirt: 3 TIMES Ochirt: WHEN DID EKKO Ochirt: 4 BOT Ochirt: 5TH TIME Ochirt: WHERE WAS OUR MID Ochirt: WHERE WAS OUR JG Ochirt: ALL BOT END PLSE Ochirt: lux Ochirt: dont go bot Ochirt: 4 bot and no mid no jg Ochirt: yall deserve to losce excet Ochirt: execpt top Ochirt: u came bot 2 times when we werent there and died Ochirt: j4 u cant talk trash to my lux Ochirt: gj lux Post-Game Ochirt: gj lux Game 2 In-Game Ochirt: the noobiest of the nooob Ochirt: ez game for u guys Ochirt: love a jungler who ganks Ochirt: welp passive time Ochirt: lux didnt hit single q\ Ochirt: hit her once Ochirt: plse Ochirt: i beg u Ochirt: just anuythong Ochirt: fkkkk Ochirt: ur really useless i can w and r her Ochirt: eve come Ochirt: im gonna let them push Ochirt: lux cant hit q Ochirt: 0 5 0 talks alot Ochirt: 0 6 0 Ochirt: 0 6 0 talking trash Ochirt: not being 0 6 0 Ochirt: lux why Ochirt: 0 8 Ochirt: vayne hahaha Ochirt: i know its urs Ochirt: so it is Ochirt: why did i trust this vayne Ochirt: 1 10 Ochirt: 2 11 Ochirt: trying to be a noob like u but cant catch up Ochirt: sorry i cant be like u Ochirt: ur god Ochirt: vayne i bet u can go 20 death Ochirt: u been going a THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. sorry for caps but i wanted to be clear
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