Permanent ban

Seriously? I've put a lot of time, money and effort into this game. I have said stupid stuff and raged. But getting a permanent bane because of this? What in the hell is going on? This does nothing to people who are trolling and who don't care. I've invested a lot of money into this and when i get put on a Ranked team that feeds and i rage, the justice is ban the guy who cares. Fuck the trolls and smurfs and people elo boosting. They can keep on doing that. Instead, We Here at Riot want to encourage trolls and people who create new accounts to continue not getting punished while people like me who are frustrated and clearly tilted get fucked. And you don't even include all the shit talking everyone else did to me, just what i said. Another thing is the fact my ability to play this game is solely left in the hands of the Trolls that caused me to rage in the first place is unacceptable. I was off having an off game, that coupled with the other players who didn't get punished and after two games I'm permanently banned from League of Legends? If the crime im guilty of to get permanently banned is a feature the dev team cant figure out that i have to mute people every single game and there is no universal mute button i can press, then what the hell? It should be made to where im permanently chat restricted. Not permanently banned from the game. Seriously. This is unfair. Game 1 th3sidekick: thx th3sidekick: mid no flash and ignite th3sidekick: stop fighing him th3sidekick: stop fighting morg th3sidekick: stop th3sidekick: jesus you two are useless th3sidekick: draven do you like smurfing? th3sidekick: reporting you bro, thtats totally unfair, th3sidekick: cheating th3sidekick: and unsportsmanlike th3sidekick: i dont know th3sidekick: i smited at 320 th3sidekick: hold th3sidekick: fucking smurfs man th3sidekick: you %%%got th3sidekick: if he isnt a fucking smuf then he is scripting th3sidekick: cathcing every axe in that fight? th3sidekick: he is smurfing or scriting th3sidekick: he really is th3sidekick: i have it recorded and im submiting to riot th3sidekick: he is th3sidekick: im watching th3sidekick: they have other people doing good th3sidekick: oriu shut the fuck up; th3sidekick: go vote for bernie sanders th3sidekick: bg th3sidekick: smurf Game 2 th3sidekick: wait what th3sidekick: ali im going to buy real quikc th3sidekick: i need farm th3sidekick: i was trying to p[ush him back to you th3sidekick: what what] th3sidekick: jesus fucking smurf th3sidekick: aniv you enjoying smurfing? th3sidekick: everyone on the team has almost the same deathsw and shit to coutn for it th3sidekick: ali STOP GOING IN ON 2V1 you shit fuck th3sidekick: bg th3sidekick: bg
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