Is it possible for an Unban for permanently banned accounts?

Recently, one of my friends who I play with a lot received a permanent ban (Iquuy). He was a bit on the toxic side in his last game, and there's no denying it. I was wondering if it is ever possible for a player to be unbanned/given a second chance. I know that he is normally not very toxic at all. He is a very kind and bubbly individual. He has just been having a hard time in life as of now (not going into too much detail), and when his support didn't play particularly well he struggled to cope and flamed him. He has received a temporary ban in the past for the same reasons. Making the same mistake twice, I firmly believe that he can and will reform and become more resilient to negative behaviour. I don't think he would ever be toxic again after receiving two bans and understanding the effect that his words have on others. Things he has said and done really aren't as toxic some of what I have come across with people screaming their lungs off at the slightest provocation (e.g. too many pings, first blood being lost etc. etc.) When he is toxic he really doesn't mean it, he does not wish for people to actually die. (Kys is actually a joke between us about kissing yourself). He does not actually want to open mid. Sometimes the language he uses is also a bit extreme. This is due to him not being a native English speaker! He is Danish and reasonably good at English, but subtleties such as the extremity of language that can only be picked up over time are hard for him to understand. This is made worse by the fact that nowadays streamers use lots of vulgar language such as %%%got and lots of swear words. I know that it would mean the world to him for him to be unbanned. He truly loves this game, from the lore, to the art, to the champions (yes even the ugly ones) and the wonderful music. Would it be completely out of the question? I do not think it is fair that players like Jensen are able to be unbanned yet casual players are simply ignored and swept like dust under the carpet. I do not think it is fair that players like Tyler1 are even being considered repeatedly for an unban whereas casual players who are not as well known have to speak to deaf ears. Edit: Jesus, will I honestly get down voted for asking a question? I love this community. This question was mainly directed at Riot, because there have been cases where permabanned accounts were unbanned, not just Jensen being unbanned from competitive, but occasional casual players' actual accounts being unbanned from permas. I was wondering if it was still possible. I know it definitely does not happen often. But I have yet to see an extremely recent case. Lots of these replies are irrelevant do you guys even read posts ughh this is irritating. I know that he has been banned for being toxic :/ but because I talk to him often, I really believe he can reform which is why I even bothered to ask this, he is not a horrible person and does not rage often like many of you are assuming. God some people are so insensitive.
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