I got Perma-Banned today

I am the toughest and nastiest fighter you will run into. I love battling enemies and talking trash. Unfortunately I got caught slipping today. Now only few hours later I have totally accepted that Riot got their mitts on the nasty man and I have to shrink back into the shadows before coming back twice as strong on the account that I will have to make now. Months ago I got a 2 week ban. I made the honest mistake of instantly closing annoying messages without reading them while trying to get my fix from riot. All that I knew was that daddy had cut me off, I just couldn't understand why. After the two weeks I came back to get a sweet taste of that rift only to find that it was sour, and lumpy. I had had enough, coming back brought no joy and a few days later I left the life that I had come to know so well in hopes of finding a bright and golden future. I stopped playing LOL for months, not expecting to return. About a week ago I found myself returning to the place of the crime. I knew that bad things had happened here but it wasn't that bad of an offense was it? Some words here and there. Even though I cursed like a sailor in the past I worked like one too. Always trying to bring home as many w's as possible so that I could survive. I simply didn't understand how honor worked. I didn't realize that even after all that time Riot had agents waiting in alleyways across the city just waiting for me to show my ugly mug in the neighborhood again. Time in fact had not heal my reputation. Riot had orders to eliminate me as soon as possible. They just needed it to look right. Around 12 PM today they caught me throwing up my gang sign in the direction of another player who told me that fizz had no reason to be in the jg then BLAM! No warning, they saw what they needed, they wanted my me dead not alive. They waited for me to get out of the match and made their move as I entered the lobby. I had just added the guy who reported me so that we could keep hashing out our problems out of sight like an abusive couple who fight behind closed doors. I'm starting a new match. Bam Bam Bam, POLICE!! OH SHIT!! Even Admiral Ackbar wouldn't have enough time to let me know about the trap that would prove to be my undoing. "Send me to hell!!!!" I screamed, foaming at the mouth as I realized that this was it, the end my journey as MasterDimblade. I would slay the last of what surely must have been millions of nerds on that account today. Even though any thoughts of being hunted and persecuted had long since faded from my mind, Riot headquaters had apparently remembered everything as if it happened yesterday and would not forget or forgive. Another statistic. Hopefully I can forget about all the friends from the past 8 years who I only knew how to contact in game. Shout out to Yuriyumi! (I forgot the rest) Gone are the skins that I paid for and earned over the long journey probably $200 cash over the 8 or so years (luckily for me I am a scrub). Even more importantly, the Rivals list that I accumulated is gone as well. I don't even know who I have challenged anymore. Who am I? What am I? A Tough Fighter You can be damn sure that you will see me on the rift again. Ill have to watch my back more closely now and be more careful who I get into altercations with. Only the true tough fighters don't run and tell! If you wanna 1v1 me come to baron pit homeboy. I'm going by just Dimblade now and I'm challenging you all.
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