Is this a rightfull 14 day suspension ??

So I had honor level 5 rating and I never ever have had any stuff about being reported / toxic / whatsoever Then suddenly I login today and I get this message: suspended for 14 days due to toxic behaviour this was the chatlog (only one chatlog) : Game 1 iNoobakaPingU: invado iNoobakaPingU: mf heal? iNoobakaPingU: bwt dont fear mf iNoobakaPingU: i polymorph her is izi win trade iNoobakaPingU: kha here iNoobakaPingU: next wave = canon iNoobakaPingU: enemy can push faster then iNoobakaPingU: shen ult ready fi they fight iNoobakaPingU: how u so low lol iNoobakaPingU: WW PINK iNoobakaPingU: PLZ iNoobakaPingU: good blue ww iNoobakaPingU: dont blame adc when u never come ww iNoobakaPingU: i ping 10 times iNoobakaPingU: you stay in ur stupid pink bush at drake iNoobakaPingU: byue xD iNoobakaPingU: lave it iNoobakaPingU: if team dont come iNoobakaPingU: nice troll ww iNoobakaPingU: u throw the game so hard lol iNoobakaPingU: ff plz iNoobakaPingU: if he's trolling iNoobakaPingU: better end it now iNoobakaPingU: report ww and thats it.. ??? I dont even know what I've done? For the record: MF = Miss Fortune, cause I don't have time to write whole name (riot can look up that I was actually playing with a miss fortune) So can anybody explain this to me? A 14 day suspension for this chat & without any priors looks a bit over-the-top (so to be clear: never ever had any chat restrictions whatsoever) Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum or anything, never had to post anything so im not familiar here.
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