Should I be permanently banned for below text? Hate how support mains get blamed for so much

Game 1 BordenMilk: dude ive been having 500 ping at first log ins BordenMilk: gotta relog to get regular ping BordenMilk: yup BordenMilk: jsut back BordenMilk: and protect my pink BordenMilk: insataed of ignoring me on z yra BordenMilk: whose going for my pink on our vision BordenMilk: dont mute me BordenMilk: cant heal me BordenMilk: idiot BordenMilk: noob adcs always BordenMilk: lol BordenMilk: learn to protect your pinks BordenMilk: easy kills on zyra BordenMilk: if you followed me BordenMilk: but naw BordenMilk: you afk farming adc BordenMilk: i did on the pink one BordenMilk: did you ignored BordenMilk: muted BordenMilk: toxic adc role always BordenMilk: stfu ez BordenMilk: i pinged you zyra coming BordenMilk: and you die BordenMilk: it wasnt up BordenMilk: tard BordenMilk: and you and jhin have the same feed score BordenMilk: the negative guys are most deaths hm BordenMilk: i have 7 less than you chief BordenMilk: noob BordenMilk: ;) BordenMilk: sry reading jhins nonsense BordenMilk: back to mute BordenMilk: jhin is threatening to intent feed. BordenMilk: or there is jhin raging at everyone lol BordenMilk: meanie sej BordenMilk: zzzzz BordenMilk: last time i shield jhin BordenMilk: ez BordenMilk: lmao BordenMilk: losing free inhib BordenMilk: GJ BordenMilk: to die where exactly BordenMilk: what did you go do BordenMilk: last time i shielded you BordenMilk: teemo got a penta kill BordenMilk: chief BordenMilk: i know ziggs carried vs ez mid BordenMilk: lol BordenMilk: nobody follows up trist alone top BordenMilk: where were yall going BordenMilk: we had top pushed BordenMilk: and them chasing back Game 2 BordenMilk: eve mid/bot BordenMilk: ? BordenMilk: muted BordenMilk: i dont tell you waht to do BordenMilk: i was backing earlier but you lost flash BordenMilk: then obviously eve ganks BordenMilk: and you cant buy a pink BordenMilk: on your 3 backs BordenMilk: nice palcement BordenMilk: we couldnt even see him BordenMilk: eve flash BordenMilk: what are you focusing? BordenMilk: we had jinx ALONE BordenMilk: but you rather 2v1 eve thresh BordenMilk: you should BordenMilk: report cait BordenMilk: 3m lives BordenMilk: and you want to tell me to listen to teammates and imporve lmao BordenMilk: what a joke BordenMilk: lb flash BordenMilk: reprot her BordenMilk: EVERY SINGLE HOOK HITS THIS ADC BordenMilk: baron award any1 BordenMilk: its gone now BordenMilk: bad plat 4adc op BordenMilk: but your diamond account where? BordenMilk: nice fall you got going BordenMilk: gooo back BordenMilk: go backkk BordenMilk: whaaawhaa BordenMilk: avoid a hook BordenMilk: when you have above a 3m life avg BordenMilk: then you can talk BordenMilk: mute BordenMilk: 1 pink on field BordenMilk: report cait pls Game 3 BordenMilk: told you to group for the invade game BordenMilk: yes BordenMilk: same BordenMilk: come jinx BordenMilk: negative BordenMilk: they were the ones afk in base instead of buying during yalsl invade BordenMilk: hmm BordenMilk: yas and lee rather complain at 0/4 score BordenMilk: and afk open mid talk BordenMilk: yall have a bronze attitude yas and lee BordenMilk: we played 3v5 BordenMilk: can you report lee and yas for afk / negative BordenMilk: unskilled 3v5? yall are as rude as they are BordenMilk: invade by myself? i was warding river same time yall were but was 1v4

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