A follow up on a case, advice & discussion encouraged

> "Hello Riot Games, > I just completed a normals game and I feel the need to report several individuals that were harassing me with mia pings and talking down on me while I try to learn the game. This is not a healthy community and I feel the need to address this that players who are not fit for competitive play be punished for their behaviors. I understand your company does not tolerate this behavior. I feel the honor system is going in the right direction however I feel like it is not enough and not impactful at all. My suggestion is to pool players who are unlikely to be negative or toxic to play with each other and remove or punish players from the game that are unfit to play. Sometimes, I feel like it's an entire playground filled with people tearing others down at their own expense when there are better ways to behave? We need leaders at Riot to address this because your community is falling apart slowly. There are people I know that have depression, anxiety, or suicidal that were impacted by players not punished by a system that is too forgiving. I love this game and what we became but we need people to serve as better role models, especially for a young demographic. I find this unacceptable and I'm trying to let it all out. Please do something about this. In my future games, I will /muteall. However, I feel I need to confront those players this one time in a mature way. I do understand that these toxic players may have issues of their own, but they need something because the competition encourages toxicity." Was resolved by a Rioter and he brought up the idea to bring the discussion here as well. I thought I would share it with those who feel the same way about this concern. Let me know your thoughts below.
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