Why is there still no ''disable chat'' option

So yeah. As the title says, there already is an option to turn off /all chat, but there is no option to turn off team chat as well. Since Riot is incompetent in determining who is toxic and who isn't (aka I get banned for 14 days not because I feed/throw/leave in games), but because some softy cried themselves to sleep cuz a bad man on the internet said he should stop feeding and play a role he is good at. Unfortunately, i was with a 4 man premade team, so they all reported me and this ''amazing toxicity detection system bans me'' even though they call me a shit jungler and slander me in general. Way to go Riot. I guess defending myself from toxic players makes me toxic as well? I should just get trash talked and ignore it, even though i'm not at fault? What kind of soft world do you think we live in? I ain't taking someone's insults and just walk off with a smile on my face, hyper-positive and saying ''gg wp <3'' when the game was ruined by these people for me. Rant over. Anyway, add a turn off chat option for team chat as well. Cuz by the looks of things, the only thing chat provides to this game is a way to ban people who don't feed/throw/leave games aka the things that ACTUALLY ruin games. Kind regards, Guni :3
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