the game/the community has gotten worse through the years

from someone who has played since season 4, this game is going down the shitter in so many levels. for those who weren't around, you use to be able to solo carry games and games use to actually reach late game. there was less stress about dying in lane because it didn't mean you were going to lose lane. there was a bigger difference between early/mid/late. people use to get behind and play for late game KNOWING they would out scale. now people want to fucking ff at 15 even though they have the best late game comp possible. people want to afk after they die twice in lane, they want to spam ff as much as possible. don't get me wrong, i have my bad days too and i get mad and get toxic sometimes. but seeing this _nearly every game_ because _**NEARLY EVERY GAME IS A COIN FLIP AND DECIDED WITHIN 10 MINUTES**_ is too much for me. it's reminding me why i quit for 2 months. eventually everyone shares the mentality and it's not fun and it doesn't make the game fulfilling or at the very least a learning experience. riot, it doesn't feel good to lose a game that you know you DESERVE to win and played your best in the situation at hand. it doesn't feel good knowing 50% wr is enforced whether you want to admit it or not. the people who play bad HAVE MORE IMPACT THAN THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY GOOD. you can be the best player in the entire 5v5 but if you have 2 people who not only feed but also refuse to try then they will have much more impact than you. even one person who feeds then refuses to try has more impact. i would rather have someone who is verbally abusive then someone who refuses to play. it's funny though, i notice in the honor system bad behavior has a bigger impact than good behavior. within 2 weeks (give or take a few days) i went from gold 4 to plat 2 with a 78% on my main {{champion:67}} and a 71/72% wr overall and under 100 games. 60%+ on other adcs i play a lot. i find it amazing how after i got into my plat 1 series for the 4th time i started getting even more toxic teams and people who wanted to straight up quit (and a lot of them did). i've done this on multiple fresh accounts/smurfs because i thought maybe i didn't deserve X rank and i wanted to try again. after doing this i've noticed a pattern of winning a lot and then losing A LOT, especially if you have a long win streak. i don't get why you couldn't listen to the community when we begged you to make games long and not a coin flip again. but then again, maybe it's because you're losing a lot of players. maybe it's because when people reach their max peak and they know it, they get bored. maybe it's because you realized people loved urf so much so maybe making games faster would result in losing less players or getting players back. maybe it's to appease the asian community that doesn't play much in a day, so faster games = more games played. (someone mentioned this a long time ago and also how it ties into why they changed how we get BE) hell, maybe i'm wrong. all i know is that this game is different from the one i started playing 4 years ago. and not good different either. all i know is i use to love this game and now i think i might uninstall for the last time. maybe ill be back, maybe i won't. but please, riot, listen to your players. they might not run a company but they play your game every fucking day so if the same message is being said throughout all elos, it's most likely true.
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