Is it cry baby season right now?

These games are in my past 10 that I've played. --- Riven: Decides to cry the entire game because she got ganked twice in lane and had her Yasuo banned by the enemy team, so proceeded to spam "ff" and ran it down mid and bot 5-6 times, and also soft inted by running into the enemies jungle and tried counter jungling countless times. Miss Fortune: Rage quitted because Alistar was literally just giving her advice on how not to get hooked by the enemy Thresh, because she died twice in lane by getting hooked by him. Before that, she would just walk to lane and then recall about 3 times, then finally left when were massively ahead. Rakan: Told my ADC to kill themselves because she didn't follow up in a level 2 all in and further on kept flaming everyone else on his team for being silver players, then left the game. This game is really fucking fun to play right now.

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