The Honor System is Incredibly Effective [A story]

Hi guys, I just want to share a quick story that I think illustrates the effectiveness and overall extremely positive impact of the new honor system. Two years ago, I was permabanned for the first time, and I completely deserved it. I swore I would reform on my second account, until what do ya know, permabanned again as soon as I hit level 30. This happened a THIRD time, at which point I felt as though I was destined to my fate. Then the new honor system hit live servers. You see, I wanted the loot you got from the honor system. I wanted it real bad. And what did I have to do to get it? Be nice. How hard could it be, I’ll just fake it, I thought. And thats exactly what I did. I faked being nice, I faked being positive, I faked being a good sport, because I wanted the loot. My greed overpowered my rightous anger that drove me to slander teamates that would never see me again. However, slowly, being a good teamate became habitual, just the same way that being toxic only reinforces your toxic behavior. I don’t fake it anymore. I’ve been permabanned three times, but somehow I hit honor level 5 last season. Thank you Riot.
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